Born in Africa. Given power by Matt the Betrayer, began the Nigger War in the name of the Nigger Lord to prepare the world for General Wukong's coming.

Slain by Frank McCree in the year 2078.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Jamil was born a small niglet of Africa in an unknown year. Although he was the smallest of a litter of six, he was the most ferocious. He ate four of his siblings in the first year, becoming the strongest in his pack.

The only Watkin to survive his voraciousness was his brother Jeremes whom would later collapse from hunger and be eaten alive by vultures.

With each nigger he ate, Jamil grew stronger (if not larger). His thirst for power soon became insatiable and he began to hunt others in his tribe.

Jamil ate the OhhoAhhHaoOOHAH of his tribe and claimed the tribe's OohAHhHEuHOAHHH (clan bucket) as his home. Jamil would keep this bucket as his home from this point on, a reminder of his first great conquest.

1979 Edit

At some point during this point in history Jamil is approached by Matt and offered great power. Jamil claims this power eagerly and proceeds to begin harnessing his people into an army.

1981 Edit

With his power reaching new heights and his armies fully prepared, Jamil launches a surprise attack on the US. The Nigger War is begun.

Names Edit

Jamil has gone by many different names including Jamal, Jamal Travis, Watermelon Moffucka, and Bucket Dweller.

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